Digital Transformation + Sustainability = Improved Quality of Life

Illumulus Sustainability

Frank Trevino talks about Digital Transformation + Sustainability = Improved Quality of Life in his latest blog on Illumulus.

Sustainability should not be incidental; it is the next step within the digital transformation process. But only through the combination of digital transformation + sustainability can we see success around our quality of life. Digital transformation and sustainability should form an integral part of any company’s organizational strategy from the beginning and not just serve as an incidental by-product to please shareholders.

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Frank Trevino at Digital Transformation World 2019

Frank Trevino is an experienced digital transformation consultant working in technology, telco and the space sectors.

Frank’s digital transformation philosophy is to connect People, Products, Process, and Technology to turn data into digital assets.  He holds a BS and MBA and is currently a postgrad MSc student at Oxford University.