Frank Trevino at Digital Transformation World Series 2020

Frank Trevino Digital Transformation World Series 2020

Frank Trevino joins Sasha Twining of the BBC on the topic Laying the AI Foundation.

Digital Transformation World Series 2020

October 21, 2020

Frank Trevino

Laying the AI Foundation

It was great to hear from leading organizations such as BT, Vodafone Group and Orange about their insights into how to lay the groundwork for successfully embedding AI into their organizations.

Keynote interview: Innovating with AI to develop smarter networks and enhance operational efficiency

  • Using AI to bring value to every phase of the network lifecycle from planning and design to smart maintenance and security
  • Determining which sites are most profitable and reducing churn levels
  • Delivering a 10% – 20% improvement in CapEx efficiency in Spain though AI
  • Predicting the evolution of mobile traffic to prevent congestion and reduce network energy consumption

Steve Jarrett, SVP, Data and AI, Orange
Interviewed by: Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum

Keynote: AI vs AI: The Cyber Arms Race

  •  The acceleration of AI based systems in the post-Covid19 world
  • Breaching things, humans, and reality
  • How the bad guys are attacking AI based systems
  • The Chess game : how AI based Cybersecurity can be one step ahead and the role of the cloud

Michal Braverman-Blumenstyk, Corporate Vice President, Cloud & AI Security CTO, Israel R&D Center GM, Microsoft

Panel: Governance is key to embed AI at scale

  • Addressing the governance challenges for AI, from model provenance and audit, to model comprehension and delegation
  • How do you provide a framework to ensure organizations can demonstrate proper control?
  • Managing AI across the software lifecycle from procurement to decommission
  • Taking inspiration from aviation – the role of checklists in governing AI
  • How do you accurately record tens of thousands of AI models? Introducing AI Model Cards

Moderator: Aaron Boasman-Patel, VP AI & Customer ExperienceTM Forum

Rob Claxton, Chief Researcher, BT
Soyini Taylor, Enterprise Data Architect, Vodafone Group
Michael Hind, Distinguished Research Staff Member, IBM Research AI Department, IBM

Case study: Using data and analytics to drive business transformation & AI

Rajmund Zielinski, IAA Product Manager, Comarch

Expert commentator: Frank Trevino, Partner AI Strategy & Co-Founder, ILLUMULUS

Frank Trevino Digital Transformation World Series 2020
Frank Trevino

Frank Trevino is 20-year digital veteran and expat with 10+ years leadership experience in Asia, Africa, and Europe working in technology, telco and the space sectors.  His digital transformation philosophy is to connect People, Products, Process, and Technology to turn data into digital assets.  Frank’s accomplishments are recognized and featured in Inc. Magazine, CBS, Geek News and is a winner of numerous Communicator Awards, a Silver Anvil Award, & two-time SBA Award.  He holds an MBA from the University of Houston and a BS from the University of Texas at Austin.