Frank Trevino Presents The Future of Content Marketing – The Immersive Experience with 5G and AI

Frank Trevino Speaking
Session Summary – Frank Trevino presenting at the Content Marketing Summit 2019

July 5, 2019 Seoul, South Korea

Frank Trevino Speaking

Our Journey

Today we will explore content marketing and how 5G and AI are changing our approach to reaching customers. Using experiential marketing and technology, marketers need to understand how this will enhance the customer experience by inviting our audience into our brand.

Our journey will take us through the Content journey, AI Journey, 5G Journey and finally the Immersive Journey.

Content Journey

To understand our content journey, we first look at the evolution of content.

We see how media and innovation overtime enabled new ways of communication from the 1990s across to what the future of content marketing looks like in 2020. From the introduction of the world wide web to social media to video communication, we are realizing the next generation is VR/AR related content. Driving this is AI and 5G which will enable more intelligent and personalized content as it becomes more about sensory engagement (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste).  While sight and sound are the norm today, expect more experiences with feel, smell and even taste. While the challenges to overcome are not quite obvious yet, sensory overload above anything else could become the burden.

We also are seeing a shift in content marketing. We as content marketers know it’s about storytelling and in the past, we tell our story while asking our customer to create a self-imagination experience.