Frank Trevino – Featured Speaker at the Content Marketing Summit

Seoul, South Korea

Frank Trevino at Content Marketing Summit 2019

Frank Trevino speaks at the Content Marketing Summit on July 5, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.  Frank addresses the immersive experience AI & 5G and its future.

Frank touches on where AI is today and how 5G will change the the future of AI.

5G is rocket fuel for AI

The future of content will evolve around experiential marketing and the immersive experience that changes how users will consume content in the future.  Instead of seeing or hearing the story, we will be in the story

Frank highlighted his presentation as a Journey touching on all key parts of the journey

Content Journey

We also are seeing a shift in content marketing.  We as content marketers know it’s about storytelling and in the past, we tell our story while asking our customer to create a self-imagination experience.

AI Journey

We cannot go a day without having a conversation, reading a blog, or seeing a media article that doesn’t mention the term artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence is all around us and its recent proliferation is due to advances in

  • Big Data – we are creating more data than ever today
  • Faster computing power – more powerful GPU computers to get the job done
  • Broadband access to the cloud – Faster connections like 5G to access the cloud and data

5G Journey

Welcome to the world of 5G.  5G is the rocket fuel for artificial intelligence.  5G will allow us to create, move, store and analyze data faster than ever before. With the introduction of 5G, we are seeing a lot of new opportunities from the obvious, faster speeds to lower latency, greater capacity, increased communication and reliability of data transfer.

The Immersive Experience

It’s all connected – Content, AI and 5G. I like to think of the immersive experience as a multi-sensory approach (sight, sound, hear, smell and taste) to connecting with our audience.  We know today that we are already engaged with using sight and sound, but we are now seeing (no pun intended) all the senses being used within the immersive experience.  As marketers, this makes it very interesting because I like to ask the question.  What makes us human?  It’s our ability to use all our senses to connect.  So, imagine using the immersive experience to connect with our audience through our brand.

Journey Takeways

Frank ended the discussion with key takeaways.

  • It’s all connected: 5G, AI and Content
  • Immersive experience is all about integrating the senses
  • Immersive storytelling is about inviting the audience into your brand

Frank Trevino CMS 2019

Frank Trevino CMS 2019
Frank Trevino CMS 2019
Frank Trevino at Digital Transformation World 2019

Frank is the CMO of Exodus Space and Partner | AI Strategy with Tinman Kinetics.  Exodus Space is developing a fully reusable, two stage to orbit, horizontal take-off and horizontal landing spaceplane.  Tinman Kinetics is a cognitive technology startup born out of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition and recent participant in the NASA iTech and U.S. Department of Defense MD5 pitch programs.

A 20-year digital strategy veteran and expat with 10+ years technology leadership experience in Asia, Africa, and Europe.  Frank’s digital transformation philosophy is to connect People, Products, Process, and Technology to transform data into digital assets.  As a proponent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, some current transformation projects include cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.  Frank’s accomplishments are recognized and featured in Inc. Magazine, CNET, CBS, Geek News, Towards Data Science, Space News, SBS & MBC News Korea, Korea Times and is a winner of numerous Communicator Awards, a Silver Anvil Award, & two-time SBA Award.  Frank holds an MBA from the University of Houston and a BS from the University of Texas at Austin.