Frank Trevino

Artificial Intelligence Strategist & Engagement

Denver Chamber of Commerce – Three small business leaders shared how they are making use of these technologies and helping other businesses take advantage of them.

“If we can get one or two tasks off their plate that’s going to free them up … we see that as the first phase in this movement,” said Frank Trevino, who leads artificial intelligence and digital transformation strategy and engagement for Tinman Kinetics.

At Tinman, they work with small businesses to take advantage of technology that can help them get better data and connect more with their customers, but he cautions against “shiny object syndrome,” using technology for technology’s sake.

While the use of more technology in business can lead to several “micro-disruptions,” once a team is using more automation it makes their work – and their focus on strategic initiatives in your business – that much more critical said Bill Sinclair, chief technology officer and interim president and CEO of SALT.

That “tribal knowledge,” must be archived: “We have to make sure they’re capturing that knowledge, otherwise it could cause massive disruption to our business,” he said.